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Spill plane wanted


Mar 7, 2019
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Hi all, been a while! Does anyone have a working or restorable spill plane gathering dust? Its for using not collecting so condition is less important than function. Cheers,
Had to Google spill plane. Interesting, but I doubt I'll ever need one!
So did I. Classic Hand Tools sell a modern Veritas alternative
Yay, welcome back Chris. I reckon I can help with your request - I'll send you a pm.
Thank you chaps! Sorry I've been away so long. Been an odd couple of years but I've finally managed to sell my house and I'm just waiting on a boat survey. Once I can get my hand tools out of storage I hope to become a more frequent visitor on here again. I've got my back brain ticking away on some projects for the boat in time. Thanks also to AndyT as always. I had seen the Lea Valley one AndyP. It looks ideal to be able to fix down for regular use but I was hoping to source a cheaper one before rum shopping it one evening! 🫣