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Woodworking "bake off"

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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby Eric the Viking » 16 Feb 2021, 13:44

It would be fun if the woodwoking show was a bit like "Forged in Fire", which I enjoy, apart from the nasty martial arts stuff when they "test" the contestants' work.

For woodworking, how about giving them some object to make, and a strange (to them) tool and saying, you have to use this in your build.

When I started woodwork, I was dead keen to get a compass plane, so watched like a hawk for a nice one to come up on eBay. One did. I cleaned and fettled it carefully when I got it, and it looks lovely.

Now I know enough to understand why I might never actually have need to use it...


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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby 9fingers » 11 Oct 2021, 16:39

Apparently this programme starts Thurs. 21st October 2021, 8-9PM C4

Not holding breath here :lol: :lol:

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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby Trevanion » 11 Oct 2021, 18:22

Do they have a neo-nazi on board this time? That's all I want to know!
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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby Cabinetman » 12 Oct 2021, 00:06

Probably not! But you can almost guarantee they will be wearing those horrible leather aprons, far too cumbersome and makes them look like dorks. Ian
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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby Pete Maddex » 12 Oct 2021, 08:15

Lurker wrote:The Times today are saying that the hobby has grown very quickly in the past year, there is even a quote from Paul Sellars which is encouraging.
Just so long as Jay Blades isn’t considered quote worthy all is good.

Not a good time to be buying kit on the open market as prices and availability will surge.

I didn't like Jay Blades untill I found out he was a fellow dislexic, now I think he is o/k.

Still not keen on painting one leg a different colour.

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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby RogerS » 19 Oct 2021, 16:26

Just got an email from Felder. The kit they're using is the same as mine and so I'm really interested now

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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby BucksDad » 19 Oct 2021, 16:40

I bet Paul Sellers will have a sulky post up on Friday - probably along the lines of how he was approached to be involved but they wouldn't agree to his demands of no power tools (and of course, all vices having to be proud of the bench!)

Interesting that C4 haven't posted any trailers online, there's a brief snippet of what we'll see in episode 1

"The woodworkers build a bed of dreams and celebrate the skill of hand carving"
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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby Mike Jordan » 19 Oct 2021, 16:44

It will need to be a lot better than the Yorkshire Workshop if I'm to stay awake!
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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby Lurker » 19 Oct 2021, 16:53

Channel four is not currently subtitling programming so that’s me out.
Both sons and friends are predicting that I would be shouting at the box .
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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby AndyT » 19 Oct 2021, 17:08

BucksDad wrote:"The woodworkers build a bed of dreams"

Well, I can assure you that I shall put all work on my bed project on hold until after Thursday. It would just be too depressing to find out I was going to do it all wrong... ;)
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Re: Woodworking "bake off

Postby Andyp » 19 Oct 2021, 18:01

Well I will be watching.
I do not expect the skill levels and techniques could match some of the craftsmen and craftswomen we have around here but for the rest us there may be some inspiration and ideas for future projects.

At the moment I class myself as the woodworking equivalent of the armchair sportsman.


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Re: Woodworking "bake off"

Postby MattS » 20 Oct 2021, 08:33

I'll give it a go, watched a few of Jay's Yorkshire workshop. Yes it wasn't great but a lot of better than most of the non wood related programmes on telly :lol:
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