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Fastnet lighthouse

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Fastnet lighthouse

Postby RogerS » 17 Oct 2021, 13:13

There was a two-part series on TV the other week or so and focussed on the Fastnet lighthouse. What intrigued me was the use of dovetail joints in the granite stones that gave it its amazing strength and flexibility. Digging a little on the internet I found this scientific treatise. ... 3918305118

I confess that 99% went straight over my head but it may interest some of you.
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Re: Fastnet lighthouse

Postby Lurker » 17 Oct 2021, 13:16

There’s a book called “the lighthouse Stevensons” if you are interested.
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Re: Fastnet lighthouse

Postby Woodbloke » 17 Oct 2021, 13:37

There's nowt new Roger. Some years ago we had a Nile cruise (this was before their 'Troubles') and we spent some time ashore clambering over partially ruined temple walls, no doubt a few thousand years old. All the blocks were held together with dovetail keys - Rob
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Re: Fastnet lighthouse

Postby Mike G » 17 Oct 2021, 13:56

Lurker wrote:There’s a book called “the lighthouse Stevensons” if you are interested.

I really enjoyed this when I read it 4 or 5 years ago. The black sheep of the family was Robert Louis, who made a bit of a name for himself as an author.
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Re: Fastnet lighthouse

Postby Eric the Viking » 18 Oct 2021, 08:28

I vaguely remember as a child watching a Blue Peter item about either Fastnet or Rockall, invloving the late great John Noakes (who else?) being sent out to the light. One of the lighthouse keepers described hearing the blocks on the outside moving about during winter storms, the interlocking keeping everything safe.

I can't imagine doing weeks at a time on duty, with no access to even the most basic handheld router... ;-(
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Re: Fastnet lighthouse

Postby chataigner » 18 Oct 2021, 11:15

I forget which lighthouse it was, but a documentary I saw described forged chains mortared into channels in the top of each course of stone.
Cheers !
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